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TSUISL Interview Experience 2024

TSUISL Interview Experience

T.S.U.I.S.L(Tata Steel U.I.S.L) had visited  our campus during April-May .

After doing the basic formalities like filling the google form and all , they had shortlisted about 12 students from our batch .As far as I was able to know ,the Resume shortlisting was done according to the CGPA , and it is generally done by the placement co-ordinators(rarely the TSUISl team does that.)

Now let us come to the next parts of the TSUISL hiring journey(TSUISL Interview Experience).

After resume shortlisting, they took approximately one week for group discussions and all, also keep in mind that all the hiring procedure is done on the same day ,i.e group discussion and interview is done the same day.

Now let us come to the group discussion part :

They made separate groups of students of same branch, i.e separate groups of students for each branch. It is somewhat in favour of students, as having a group discussion with your batchmates is far more easy as compared to having a group discussion with a mixed group of students.

Interview round TSUISL.

Generally in electrical panel interview ,you will encounter two of our seniors in the interview panel ,i.e those who will come to take the interview are our seniors only,that’s a plus point .

First they will ask to introduce yourself, basic details and all ,your family background etc.

I will recommend you to define your interested subjects in your introduction only ,it will help you as they will ask more questions from those topics only .Currently TSUISL is working on maintaining power quality , so a good knowledge of harmonics and some basic of PWM techniques and  all will leave a good impression. Also you should be prepared as per your subjects that you stated in the introduction, Along with that you should have a basic command over transformers ,generators and all.

BTW we have covered a whole article on different PWM techniques ,you should read that after reading the TSUISL Interview Experience.

Some TSUISL Interview Questions:

  1. How are Overhead conductors different from underground cables.
  2. Do you know about XLPE.
  3. What are constant and variable losses in a transformer.
  4. Different types of transformers.

Also in the TSUISL interview only ,they will ask some basic HR questions ,So be prepared for those questions also .

Some basic questions include :

  • Why do you want to join our company
  • where do you see yourself in next few years
  • etc

We are going to publish a detailed article on what should be HR questions, so stay tuned for that .

So, that’s was a wrap of the whole TSUISL interview experience .You can trust me since I was got selected 😊😊

For any questions or questions or queries feel free to ask in comments or in our WhatsApp group.

Best of luck for your interview❤️, Until then Keep WireUnwiring.

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