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Light powered chips are poised to replace current chips , But Why?

Light powered chips are poised to replace current chips , But Why? You must would have heard  scientists and researchers saying that the future of chips are Light Powered Chips

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Quantum Computing and Supercomputing : India’s Ambitious Rs 10000 Cr Plan

An early and successful foundation in quantum computing is necessary to achieve leadership in this emerging field and hence, The MeitY Quantum Computing Applications Lab is established with the support

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Unprecedented Breakthrough: Quantum Coherence achieved at Room Temperature in 2024.

team of scientists has claimed that they have achieved quantum coherence at room temperature, meaning that their quantum system can retain its state for a long time without losing information.

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Deep dive into Intel’s new Backside power delivery

2024 is going to be a big year for Intel  as Intel is trying its best to take back its throne from TSMC foundry business and in that Pursuit Intel

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“Quantum Computing chips :The door to limitless possibilities”

“Quantum computing chips are specialized processors that leverage quantum mechanics to achieve exponential gains in computing power over classical systems. In this guide we explore the incredible potential of these

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