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ABG interview Experience

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Aditya Birla Group (ABG) Interview Experience

Aditya Birla Group typically visits campuses during the last three months of the year, primarily recruiting for the Graduate Engineer Trainee role (G.E.T). ABG conducted its drive at our campus in November, and the entire process was completed swiftly.

Hiring Procedure Overview:

The hiring process Of ABG comprises an Online Assessment (O.A), followed by a Group Discussion and culminating in an Interview. All rounds at our campus were conducted online.

Online Assessment:

The questions in the ABG OA are not overly challenging; they are quite manageable if you have a strong grasp of basic electrical and electronics engineering along with aptitude skills. Success in the online assessment round paves the way for the subsequent stages.

Group Discussion:

The shortlists for the group discussion round were declared within one week of Online Assessment.

My panel consisted of only my branch guys i.e electrical guys .The group discussion panel consisted of all my selected colleagues , a judge and the H.R. The judge was quite nice guy , he held some higher position in the company .First of all he gave his rough intro and asked whether everyone were comfortable or not .Then he gave us the topic for our Group Discussion .The topic was “How you think about Electric vehicle ,its pros and cons “.The group discussion went some sort of structured only ,since all were my classmates ,everyone was supporting everyone and was giving ample time for everyone to speak.

Want to know how smartgrids are revolutionizing electrical infrastructure ?

Let me tell you what were the points that I put forward :-

I first talked about ev , that is how it’s actually the future and how various companies are pushing to enter into this segment .Then I moved forward and talked about exploring other options also like ethanol based fuel engines ,I also explained why we should be actively looking for other alternatives like E.v’s need batteries to work which is made up of lithium ion which is a non renewable resource and also these batteries have a fixed lifetime and after that period it acts as a problem to us only .Then I moved on talking about the technological advancements happening in this field like companies are working on “Bi-directional charging station “ etc .Then I ended.

In my whole group discussion , I was more on technical side talking mostly about technology.The group discussion round went for approximately half an hour .

After the GD, the final selections for the interview round were swiftly made, with interviews scheduled shortly after.

Interview Experience:

The judge in the gd round was our interviewer. I started with my introduction .I had not talked about my family background so he asked me that .It was my first time that my interview started with what I had said in group discussion round .As I told before I was more on technical side in my gd ,he was quite impressed with that .His first question was you had talked about lithium ion is posing us a problem ,Can you explain that ? .Then he asked you talked about bi-directional charging stations ,what are they and are they really helpful, I explained that in detail .

Then he came to my project that I had done in my summer intern ,I explained every bit of it and also told him the conclusions that we can draw from my project .

Then he asked me only two more questions :

  • What is grounding and what are the various types of grounding?
  • Which harmonic is the most dominant in a transformer and which relay can we use for the protection ?

So , these were two questions that were asked to me .

I am also attaching some questions that were asked to my friends :

  1. What Is the cross section of wire that we use at home : 1.5/2.5 mm^2
  2. Various relays and power system protection devices
  3. Some questions related to power electronic devices like S.C.R , mosfet basics etc
  4. Machine related questions


Having good command over basics will help you in clearing the online assessment round .For group discussion round ,be calm ,deliver maximum points that you can deliver ,show involvement and give all your colleagues chance to speak.

For interview round , have a good command over what you have done your project in summer internships as it will help you to drive your interview round , and have command over power system protection ,machines , power system ,basic power electronics and control system.

For any doubts feel free to ask in comments , we will answer your doubts also do join our WhatsApp community to get updated or ask questions.

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