Origin Wukong:China’s Quantum Computer Achieves 33,871 Tasks Globally

Origin Wukong

China Launches Its Third-Generation Superconducting Quantum Computer

China has made a significant breakthrough in the field of quantum computing with the launch of its third-generation superconducting quantum computer, named “Origin Wukong”. The computer is powered by a 72-qubit superconducting quantum chip, which is the most advanced of its kind in China. The computer is also open to global users, who can access it remotely and perform quantum computing tasks.

What is a Superconducting Quantum Computer?

A superconducting quantum computer is a type of quantum computer that uses superconducting circuits as its quantum bits, or qubits. Qubits are the basic units of information in quantum computing, and they can exist in superpositions of two states, such as 0 and 1. This allows them to perform multiple calculations simultaneously, which gives quantum computers an edge over classical computers in solving certain complex problems.

Superconducting quantum computers require extremely low temperatures to operate, as they rely on the phenomenon of superconductivity, which is the absence of electrical resistance in certain materials when cooled below a critical temperature. Superconducting quantum computers are not unique to China, as both IBM and Google also use this technology in their quantum computers.

What is the “Origin Wukong Chip”?

The “Wukong Chip” is the 72-qubit superconducting quantum chip that powers the “Origin Wukong” quantum computer. The chip was developed by Origin Quantum Computing Technology (Hefei) Co., a company founded in 2017 by leading quantum physicists from the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC).

The chip has a total of 198 qubits, including 72 working qubits and 126 coupler qubits. The working qubits are the ones that perform the quantum operations, while the coupler qubits are used to connect and control the working qubits. The chip also features a third-generation quantum computing measurement and control system, which enables automated batch testing of quantum chips, increasing the efficiency of the quantum computer.

The name of the chip was inspired by Sun Wukong, a mythical Chinese figure with the ability to transform into 72 different forms, symbolizing the versatility and power of the quantum chip.

Why is this Development Important?

The launch of the “Origin Wukong” quantum computer is a milestone for China’s quantum computing industry, as it demonstrates the country’s progress and innovation in this emerging field. Quantum computing is seen as a key technology for the future, as it has the potential to revolutionize various domains, such as artificial intelligence, cryptography, medicine, and finance.

China has been investing heavily in quantum research and development, as part of its national strategy to become a global leader in science and technology. The country has already achieved some remarkable feats in quantum communication, such as launching the world’s first quantum satellite and building the world’s longest quantum network.

By opening up the “Origin Wukong” quantum computer to global users, China is also showing its willingness to share its quantum resources and collaborate with the international community on advancing quantum science and technology. The computer has already attracted users from more than 60 countries, including the United States, Japan, Russia, and Canada, who have performed over 30,000 quantum computing tasks on the machine.

The “Origin Wukong” quantum computer is expected to provide more opportunities and possibilities for quantum research and innovation, as well as foster the development of a quantum computing ecosystem in China and beyond.

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