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Husk Power Systems Interview Experience 2024 from Selected Candidate.

husk power systems interview experience

About the company “Husk Power Systems”.

Husk Power Systems is a leading rural energy services company in weak-grid and off-grid communities in Africa and Asia. That provides reliable, quality, 100% renewable power to businesses, households and institutions.

Role Applied for at Husk Power Systems: Electrical Engineer.

Husk Power Systems Interview Experience : Preparation Strategy.

In November, the company visited our campus for intern hiring. Upon learning this from our training and placement cell, I began gathering all subjects and projects covered until then. Given the company’s focus on renewable energy, particularly solar and biogas, I concentrated on topics like power systems, power electronics, and electrical machines. My interest in power electronics and renewable energy integration led me to work on a MATLAB project. Additionally, I had completed vocational training at a substation (JUSNL RANCHI), which provided me valuable practical experience. I was Confident that technical questions would center around power systems and power electronics, because the company’s focus on solar and biogas energy production and distribution, I focused my preparation accordingly.

Selection and Interview process:

The company had only considered candidates from the EE and ECE branches. Prior to the interview, there was a pre-placement talk, followed by the distribution of a Google Form by our T&P cell for interested candidates to fill out. From this pool, some were randomly selected for interviews. Though unsure of the selection criteria, I was fortunate to be included. From what I recall, there were 8 candidates shortlisted – 5 from EE and 3 from ECE. The interview process consisted of two rounds: a technical round followed by a combined HR and technical round, both conducted online.


Interview questions:

Husk Power Systems Interview Experience Round 1:

In my first round of interview first of all interviewer asked me to introduce myself and then he went through my CV(resume) and asked some questions from the topics which i had mentioned in my resume.
The First question was about PLC(Programmable logic controller) programming that I had mentioned in my CV, he asked which type of project you have done in PLC.
The second question was what type of protection equipment is generally used in substation: Explain briefly. This question was from my VT(vocational training) part.
Third question was how you knew about this company and what this company do.
The interview lasted for roughly12 minutes
Following the first round, I progressed to the second round of interviews. Interestingly, only 3 out of the initial 8 candidates advanced. One week later, a Google Form was circulated, requiring additional details from the shortlisted candidates. The form included questions about motivations for joining the company, future expectations, and interest in social service. After thoroughly completing the form, I awaited my allocated date for the second round of interviews.

Husk Power Systems Interview Experience Round 2(HR + Technical):

In my 2nd round of my interview I was again asked to introduce myself. After that The first question was What is the use of MATLAB in electrical domain as I had mentioned in the skills section of my resume.
The second question was What is the role of diode in a converter ? The Interviewer asked this question because during explaining the 1st question I told him that I was working upon a project based on the topology of converter on MATLAB which is the part of power electronics.
The third question was what is the earthing resistance in substation.
The 4th question was what are the surge protection equipments used in the substation.
The last question was why you want to join this company?
Again The interview lasted for roughly 13 minutes. Throughout both interview rounds, I remained confident and provided answers to each question based on my knowledge without hesitation, showcasing my genuine interest in the company.
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Tips for Interviews 

  1. Never feel underconfident whatever you have studied in your domain is enough you just have to express your knowledge or the experience you have gained in your college curriculum.
  2. Add some projects, skills and industrial training experience in your resume. Its really give you edge because the interviewer ask questions from whatever you mention in your resume and it will really help you a lot because most of the questions will be in your favour and no any questions will be out of the box I’m saying this because i have experienced the same during my interview. In case interviewer don’t find such things in your resume then the possibility that the questions will be in your favour is less.
  3. Interviewer always want to see that how much you are interested to join the company so during the interview always try to show your interest and try to convince the interview that you are the deserving candidate for the company.
    If you don’t know the answer of any question then never say directly i don’t know the answer but rather than this you can say that you are not able to recall the answer or you don’t know the answer at this time but you will try to get that.
  4. Try to make a friendly environment with the interviewer don’t hesitate, don’t be nervous and give your response to the interviewer confidently.

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This was the whole thing I wanted to deliver related to Husk Power Systems Interview Experience.This was the first interview experience for me that I had faced with confidence and cracked the interview by applying the Same tips. Also  I would like to than WireUnwired to give me opportunity to share my interview experience with you all.

This Husk Power Systems Interview Experience is Shared by Manish From N.I.T Jamshedpur.

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