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Light powered chips are poised to replace current chips , But Why?

Light powered chips are poised to replace current chips, photonic chips, future of chips

Light powered chips are poised to replace current chips , But Why?

You must would have heard  scientists and researchers saying that the future of chips are Light Powered Chips or to be more professional Photonic Chips. But have you ever wondered why are they termed as Future of chips and why are these Light powered Chips poised to replace current chips ?. Here in this very article we will discuss about These light powered chips or Photonic chips in detail and will try to make you understand that for sure they are the future of chips.


Photonic chips are the chips which are powered by light or to be more precise photon instead of electrons which power the current day chips. If you are in this chip industry for long you would must have heard of the Moore’s Law . If not let me tell you . Moore’s law is addressed as the mother of the chip IC design industry. According to Moore’s Law , the number of Transistors on an Integrated Circuit(I.C) will double every Two years while keeping the manufacturing cost same . That is you will have a more powerful chipset at the same cost.


Since it’s inception in 1965 the Moore’s Law held totally correct even upto now(probably) , but with passing time it has become extremely difficult to keep on to Moore’s Law. Because of several reasons scientists and researchers are facing difficulty in sticking to the Moore’s Law. Talking about the problems Heat dissipation and Speed are the two most Serious ones .

Let me Talk about them One by One 🪜. 

  1. Heat Issue 🔥: According to Moore’s Law , the number of transistor on the same surface area will double in every two years. Sounds too interesting right , But with more number of Transistors comes more current and with more current comes more Heat , that is you are gonna have approximately 20 to 80 % increase in heat generated on the same die . Why i didn’t say 100 % , there is a reason to that as the number of transistors are increasing , the cooling techniques are also advancing. So one of the main problem that we can clearly see is the Heat issue.
  2. Speed Issue ⚡: As we are moving ahead in time one of the fundamental desire that is fueling the whole semiconductor industry is the desire to have more and more speed that is faster chipsets and for faster speeds we want to move our data faster and in current chips who are transferring the data , Obviously Electrons and there is a limit at which we can speed up electrons , we need ramp up technologies for that and we can’ have those advanced technologies on such a smaller chipset. Even if we suppose that we are able to speed them up then then how will we be able to handle such heat.

So , we saw the major problems that we are having to face with current day chips. And now we are perfectly ready to see how these photonic chips or light powered chips are poised to replace current chips.

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Why light powered chips are poised to replace current chips?

So, Till now we saw the two major problems that are associated with the current day chips that are Heat and Speed.

As discussed these photonic chips are powered by light or to be more precise Photons. These photons are massless quantities and can travel through speed of light , sounds interesting right and these are the two fundamental qualities of photons that make photonic chips a strong contender as Future of chips.

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So ,let us come to the two problems faced by current day chips and try to find out how is photon solving all these. The first problem was of Heat and the second was of Speed. Since Photons are massless quantities ,are you expecting them to generate Heat 🔥 , ofcourse no , never and so is our first problem solved . Have you seen anything faster than light , ofcourse no and with this our second problem also got Solved.

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The Photonic Chips are solving all our problems that we are facing with the current day chip technologies and for sure these light power chips are poised to replace current chips , but the road in its design is still an issue , Photonic chip designs are still in their early days and still a lot of research is needed.


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