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Zscaler SDE 1 Interview Experience 2024


Zscaler SDE 1 oncampus interview experience

Role : SDE 1

On Campus placement drive

1.Extensive practice of DSA required ! 2. Should be thorough with your project !(Must have atleast 2-3 good projects of diverse domain) 3. As far as CS fundamentals are required just be thorough with the frequently asked questions from any site . 4. Confidence and Patience is key .
Nishi Singh
Zscaler SDE 1

Interview Experience

Zscaler came on campus for hiring summer interns during May ’23. Process started with an online assessment consisting of 4 questions of easy, medium to hard level. 1 question was extremely hard (equivalent to Codeforces Div. 2 D level). I solved 2 questions complete and 2 questions partially. I got a call for the interview rounds.

Round 1:

Zscaler Interview started with a brief introduction about myself. I talked about my college, CGPA, Competitive Programming rankings, projects, tech stack and achievements including ATL marathon and ICPC Regionals. I was asked an easy DSA Question. Write a program to check whether a cycle exists in a LinkedIn list or not. If it does, remove it. After writing the code (I was allowed to use C++ for this round, though others were not) I had to write a recursive code of Nth Fibonacci number and then share its time and space complexity. Then I was asked a few core CS questions from OS. Next question was to write a program to add two numbers by using bitwise operators only. Interview ended, and I was very confident about this round. That afternoon I got a call for the second round.

Atlassian SDE 1 interview experience

Round 2:

In the second round, I was asked to solve one of the questions I solved partially during the OA. I needed a little help, but was able to solve. My second question was to write C program to whether a given string is a valid IPv4 address. This time C was compulsory. I conveyed to the interviewer that my hands on experience with C has been very limited. He helped me with the driver code after I wrote the function. Next question was pretty lengthy. Given a LinkedIn list, and an empty LinkedIn list, take out odd position nodes from the first list, and add them to the second list. Remove the nodes From the original list. Repeat the process on the remaining part of the first list until there are no more nodes in the original. I solved the question partially, but due to time constraints we moved forward.

Then we moved on to questions on Higher order thinking skills. How can I sort a file containing only characters between a-z and A-Z and 100 billion characters in number. Second question was to implement a space efficient program to save 50 Boolean properties of an object. Then I was asked a few questions of computer networks that were out of syllabus. I politely informed the interviewer that I was unaware of this topic. Later I was given a chance to ask a few questions, and I asked about the tech stack zscaler works on, and what technologies will I work on.


Finally after few hours the results were out and guess what i was selected 😊😊

Thanks for reading and all the best for your interview.

If you have any doubts or if u are confused about any thing ,feel free to ask in the comments or ask us in our WhatsApp community ,we will defenitely try to answer your query.

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