Tech Buzz Alert: Upcoming Exciting WhatsApp’s Features and Meta’s Marvels! in 2024🌐✨

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  • Verified Badges for Communities: Now, WhatsApp is testing a cool new feature – community verification badges. Admins can request verification for their communities, just like how businesses get that blue tick on other platforms. It’s all about building trust and tackling fake news in those bustling group chats.
  • Vanishing Voice Messages: Tired of those accidental voice messages that everyone hears? WP has  got your back! Now you can send voice messages that disappear as soon as the receiver listens to them. Perfect for those hush-hush conversations. (Imagine a cool disappearing voice message icon in action!)
  • Plan Group Calls: Planning a virtual get-together with your WP crew? Soon, you’ll be able to schedule group calls in advance. No more back-and-forth trying to find a time that works for everyone. (Imagine a calendar icon with a “Schedule Group Call” option in your WhatsApp menu!)
  • Status Shares on Instagram: Here’s a juicy rumor – soon, you might be able to share your WP status updates directly to your Instagram story. Imagine the time you’ll save! (Imagine your latest WhatsApp status popping up on your Instagram story!)
Meta (Facebook):
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  • Link-Clicking Data Storage: Brace yourself – Meta is now storing data on all the links you click on Facebook for 30 days. Privacy concerns, anyone? But Meta insists it’s for better-targeted ads and a smoother user experience. (Imagine navigating through your privacy settings on Facebook and stumbling upon an option for “Link-Clicking Data”!)
  • AI Magic for Stickers & Filters: Get ready to have some fun! Meta is rolling out AI tech that lets you create custom stickers and filters with just a few taps. Turn your pet’s photo into a hilarious sticker – the possibilities are endless! (Imagine creating a side-splitting custom sticker with your phone!)
  • Meta Verification for Businesses: Big news for businesses! Meta Verified, the credibility-boosting feature on Instagram and Facebook, is expanding to businesses soon. This means more credibility and a wider reach for your brand. (Imagine your business profile proudly sporting a “Meta Verified” badge!)

And there you have it – a sneak peek into the latest and greatest from WhatsApp and Meta. Keep in mind, some of these features are still in beta testing, so stay tuned for the official release dates.

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