Nvidia CEO old video of 2003 goes viral , first time entrepreneurs are loving it.

nvidia ceo old video of 2003 goes viral

Recently suddenly an old video of Nvidia CEO surfaced online and started going viral like crazy .In the Nvidia CEO old viral video , he is being seen sharing some knowledge about why being as CEO has taken some decisions with I guess students and also he can be sharing some tips to the first time entrepreneurs.

Upon investigation we found the video to be of a long time ago , may be during the initial times of Nvidia ,when Nvidia was not as big as it is now. (The Nvidia CEO viral video has been shared at the end of the article.)

Nvidia CEO old video that went viral summary

In the Nvidia CEO old viral video he may be seen sharing various tips .

Like he  talks about how important it is to keep focusing on simple ideas that can be executed perfectly rather than complex ideas that are problem some to actually implement. He further continues that as a company grows, it becomes increasingly important to keep projects simple and focused so that they may be executed successfully. He is also seen suggesting first time entrepreneurs to focus on building winning products rather than building perfect product. He continues that the ultimate goal of a company should be to continue striving in the market rather than making a perfect product and then getting all out.

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He also talks about how important is to have a long-term vision for any company to succeed. These advices shared by Nvidia CEO old video is not only helpful for first time entrepreneurs but also for companies who are still struggling.

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Nvidia CEO old video is here.

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