Will BTC hit $100k? A Matter of When, Not If: BTC hits all time high.

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Bitcoin (BTC) hit $100k: The journey of BTC hitting $100k is a matter of when, not if!🚀Bitcoin($BTC) hit an all-time high yesterday making a high of $69,350 by surpassing its previous all-time high made on Nov. 2021 that was of $69,000. This new record high represents a significant milestone for Bitcoin, as it continues to gain mainstream adoption and recognition as a legitimate asset class.

Let’s see the question Will BTC hit$100k? the ifs and buts.

The $100K Question

But After making its all-time high it retraced back to $59,000 and left us with the major question will $BTC hit $100k? If you ask me (a person who has seen two major Bull seasons) I will say there is not at all any question about will $BTC hit $100k or not the only question is when will it hit $100k, because the bull season of this time is totally different with previous bull cycles. The current bull run is being fueled by a combination of factors, including increased institutional investment, growing acceptance of cryptocurrencies as a store of value, and the broader adoption of blockchain technology.

Institutional Involvement and Bitcoin’s Scarcity

It is the first time that the major institutions like BlackRock, Fidelity, Greyscale etc are involved in this, apart from that so much hype has been built around its scarce nature which is of course true as Bitcoin ($BTC) has a limited supply of only 21 million, and about 18.7 million have already been mined. The involvement of major financial institutions and the growing awareness of Bitcoin’s scarcity have contributed to its rising popularity and price appreciation.

So, there is no question at all about will $BTC hit $100k, the only question is when will Bitcoin hit $100k. Given the current momentum and the factors driving the bull run, many analysts and industry experts believe that Bitcoin reaching $100,000 is a realistic possibility in the near future.

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