India’s ‘Vyommitra’ – The First Female Robot Astronaut in Space

Vyommitra, India's First Female Robot Astronaut, Ready for Space Mission (2) (1)

Vyommitra: India has a long and proud history of space exploration, from launching its first satellite Aryabhata in 1975 to reaching the Moon and Mars in recent years. Now, the country is gearing up for its most ambitious project yet: sending humans to space. The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is leading this mission with a special passenger, Vyommitra, the first female robot astronaut.

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has announced that it will launch its first crewed orbital spacecraft, Gaganyaan, in 2025. The mission will carry three Indian astronauts to an orbit of 400 kilometres and bring them back safely to Earth after a week-long stay in space.

But before that, ISRO will test the capabilities of its launch vehicle, crew module, life support system, and other technologies by sending a special passenger to space: the first female robot astronaut: Vyommitra.

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Who is Vyommitra?

Vyommitra is a female-looking spacefaring humanoid robot being developed by ISRO to function on-board the Gaganyaan spacecraft. The name Vyommitra is derived from two Sanskrit words: vyoma, meaning space, and mitra, meaning friend.

Vyommitra’s Capabilities: She is programmed to speak Hindi and English and perform multiple tasks. She can mimic human activity, recognise various humans, and respond to their queries. She can also monitor module parameters, issue alerts, and execute life support operations. She can operate six panels and give environmental air pressure change warnings.

Vyommitra is designed to simulate human functions in the space environment and interact with the life support system. She will also help ISRO understand the effects of weightlessness and radiation on the human body during long-duration space flights.

India's vyommitra

When will Vyommitra go to space?

Vyommitra will go to space ahead of the human astronauts as part of two uncrewed experimental missions planned by ISRO. The first one, Gaganyaan G-, is scheduled for the third quarter of 2024. The second one, Gaganyaan G-1, will follow in 2025.

In these missions, Vyommitra will perform microgravity experiments and rehearse supporting astronauts in crewed missions by simulating functions exactly as humans do. She will also communicate with the ground station and send vital data and feedback.

Gaganyan Mission

Why is Vyommitra important?

Vyommitra is not just a robot, but a symbol of India’s scientific prowess and aspiration. It is India’s secret weapon in space. She represents the country’s commitment to achieving excellence in space exploration and human spaceflight.

Vyommitra is also a role model for young girls and women who aspire to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). She shows that gender is no barrier to achieving one’s dreams and contributing to society.

Vyommitra is India’s ‘space friend’ who will pave the way for the country’s first human spaceflight mission. She will also inspire millions of Indians to look up at the sky and wonder what lies beyond.

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