India Launchs First Domestic Spy Satellite


A spy satellite, also known as a reconnaissance satellite or intelligence satellite, is an orbiting satellite used to spy on other countries. Spy satellites are used for military or intelligence applications.

India is set to mark a significant milestone in its space exploration journey with the launch of its first spy satellite constructed by a domestic private entity. This spy satellite, built by Tata Advanced Systems Ltd (TASL), is scheduled for launch via a SpaceX rocket in April. The satellite will serve as a crucial resource for the armed forces, providing them with discreet information.

A ground control center is being established in Bengaluru to guide the satellite and process the imagery it sends back. This center, being built in collaboration with Latin-American company Satellogic, is expected to be operational soon.

The imagery captured by the TASL spy satellite will not be restricted to India alone. It will also be shared with friendly nations, further enhancing India’s diplomatic ties.

ISRO’s Role and Limitations

While the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) does have satellites capable of sharing imagery, their application is limited due to the vast coverage required. Currently, India relies on US companies for necessary spy data, a need that has grown following recent border tensions with China.

Just last week, ISRO launched its meteorological satellite INSAT-3DS aboard the GSLV F14 spacecraft from the Sriharikota spaceport. Despite its inconsistent track record, earning it the nickname “naughty boy”, the GSLV continues to play a crucial role in India’s space missions. ISRO is also collaborating with NASA to develop a Synthetic Aperture Radar satellite to study the Earth.

The TASL-built spy satellite is currently en route to Florida, where it will be launched. This marks a significant shift from the past when the armed forces had to rely on foreign vendors for exact coordinates and timings. With this satellite, India will have full ground control and the ability to monitor its own activities.

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