Copilot for Universities:Microsoft to offer Educational copilot by April 1st

copilot for universities

Microsoft Copilot, one of the great obsessions of the company that created the Windows systems, will also have a presence in university classrooms very soon. In its educational project, Copilot for universities will start operating from April 1st to offer support and solutions to students. In this way, the Artificial Intelligence developed by Microsoft continues to increase its scope and grow in services and functions.

Microsoft Copilot has been practically uncovered for a year now, since the company officially announced this AI whose model is powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4 iteration, and, during all this time, it has been gaining more and more space within Microsoft’s roadmap until becoming one of its main commercial assets. Recently Microsoft has announced offering Microsoft copilot for universities by 1st April 2024 which will be totally free for university users.

How will students get benefitted from copilot for universities ?

Microsoft has gave us some hints regarding how copilot for universities will help students 

  • With the help of copilot students will be able to manage all their chats, remote classes, meetings, and calls with Microsoft Teams all with the help of copilot.
  • Students will be able to Create, comprehend, and elevate their documents in Microsoft Word. 
  • Students will be able to Keep up with their inbox and manage follow-ups in Microsoft Outlook.
  • With the help of copilot in powerpoint students will be able to turn their inspiration into stunning presentations. 
  • Copilot will also help to Analyze, comprehend, and visualize data with ease in Microsoft Excel.
  • With the help of Microsoft’s teacher tool, “Math Progress” copilot will  identify where students are struggling and will provide real-time step-by-step coaching on mathematical problem solving. 

Inshort we can say that Microsoft has tried to integrate its copilot in all of the apps that a university student uses with some additional services and named it copilot for universities.
Additionally, commercial academic offers of Copilot come with a Customer Copyright Commitment. This means, education customers can be confident in using copilot for university services without the concerns of copyright claims. 

If your college offer you free Microsoft 365 services and you have not used it till now its the right time to ask your university for you “id” and password as Microsoft copilot for universities is coming bundled with Microsft 365 .
For more details you can visit Microsoft  official blog.

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