Uninstall Safari ?E.U Users can now uninstall Apple Default Browser Safari by End of 2024

Uninstall Safari ?E.U Users can now uninstall Apple Default Browser Safari by End of 2024

Amidst a recent blow to Apple when European Union(E.U) had forced Apple to allow alternatives to AppStore on Apple devices ,E.U is ready to give another big blow to Apple .This time E.U has asked Apple to allow users to uninstall Safari the default Browser on Apple devices  so that the users can have the option to choose which browser they want to have as the default browser and guess what Apple has agreed to that.

The impending EU Digital Markets Act (DMA) is the cause of this modification. The DMA prevents big businesses from providing their own goods and services an unfair edge in order to foster fair competition in the tech sector. For Apple, this means granting customers greater authority over the apps and hardware they utilise.

Although customers cannot currently remove Safari from their iPhones, Apple is required by the DMA to permit users to uninstall pre-installed programmes. This implies that European Union “iPhone owners will soon be able to select their preferred browser and possibly do away with Safari completely”.

At Apple, we believe in putting the user first, By allowing EU users to delete Safari, we are furthering our commitment to providing a personalized and customizable experience tailored to individual preferences

This is a significant shift for Apple, and it remains to be seen how it will impact the company’s strategy. However, it’s a clear win for user choice and competition in the mobile browser market. With more options available, EU iPhone users will have the flexibility to find a browser that best suits their needs and preferences.

It’s also worth noting that Apple is reportedly developing a tool to help users transfer browsing data between browsers, making the switch to a new default option even smoother.

The EU’s DMA is clearly having a ripple effect, and it will be interesting to see what other changes Apple and other tech giants make to comply with these new regulations.


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