KIDE Cryogenic Platform: The Ultimate Solution for Scaling Up Quantum Computing in 2024

Bluefors' KIDE

In April 2023, the first KIDE Cryogenic Platform was ready to be delivered to its new home at IBM. In this article, we take a detailed look at KIDE, and how Bluefors took it from initial concept to production-ready reality in less than two years.

Quantum computing is a fast-growing field in 2024, with many challenges and opportunities. One of the main challenges is to make quantum processing more accessible to users, either through cloud-based platforms or on-site systems. Another challenge is to improve the quality and scalability of quantum bits, or qubits, which are the basic units of quantum information. Qubits require special cryogenic infrastructure to operate at very low temperatures. These challenges are also opportunities for innovation and collaboration in the quantum industry.

Blufors’ KIDE :Vision and Ambition

Quantum processors are becoming more powerful as they add more qubits, but this also increases the challenge of keeping them at ultra-low temperatures. More qubits mean more wires, which need more cooling capacity to prevent overheating. Quantum processors are only part of the quantum technology story. The other part is how to cool them efficiently and effectively. Bluefors, the leading company in quantum cooling, has a vision for the future of quantum technology: a modular and interconnected system that can scale up with the growing qubit numbers.

Over the last 15 years, Bluefors has become synonymous with cryogenics, with their dilution refrigerators becoming an instantly recognizable fixture in quantum installations worldwide. While the company built its reputation developing and delivering innovative cryostats, its ubiquity has helped them reach a prime position in the quantum marketplace. Offering dilution refrigerators for a broad range of uses, they have now developed an ambitious new system ready for much larger scale applications.

KIDE: Design and Configuration

Their KIDE Cryogenic Platform, launched in 2023, can support the operation of more than 1,000 qubits, the basic units of quantum computing. This platform enables researchers and businesses to explore new possibilities in quantum computing with payloads up to 500 kg.

KIDE has a unique hexagonal design that sets it apart from other dilution refrigerators. These devices are usually enclosed in vacuum cans that need to be lifted off to access the wiring and other components. This would become very challenging if the cryostat was simply enlarged, as the cans would be too heavy and bulky. KIDE avoids this problem by having a modular structure that allows for easier maintenance and operation.

KIDE is a revolutionary system that integrates the vacuum chamber and the payload area into one self-contained unit. This allows for easy and quick access to the large payload area by simply opening one of the multiple doors. No more hassle with external vacuum pumps or connectors. KIDE is designed for convenience and efficiency.

Scalable and Adaptable solution:

KIDE is designed to be scalable and adaptable for the future of quantum computing. It has a hexagonal shape that allows multiple units to be connected and accessed easily. It can also be integrated with high-performance computing systems for enhanced performance. KIDE is a modular and flexible solution for quantum computing applications.

Integration into IBM Quantum System Two

IBM is a pioneer in applying this technology to real-world scenarios that challenge the limits of computing. The KIDE Cryogenic Platform, which is the core of IBM’s Quantum System Two, is a testament to their innovation.

KIDE is a cutting-edge technology that enables Bluefors to create quantum computing systems that are reliable and efficient. As IBM has already integrated KIDE into their advanced systems, we can expect to see more quantum computing solutions powered by KIDE in the future.


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