Apple acquires startup “ DarwinAI” ,taking the startup acquisition count to 33.

Apple acquires startup “ DarwinAI” ,taking the startup acquisition count to 33.

Apple has added another AI startup to its acquisition list by acquiring Canada-based DarwinAI. DarwinAI  specializes in vision-based tech to observe components during manufacturing .According to a report by  Bloomberg Apple is considering of deploying the DarwinAI in the manufacturing processes of Apple devices thus increasing the efficiency of its manufacturing units.

In 2023 according to a report by Statista and insights from  Stocklytics , Apple was the top company in the list of companies acquiring AI startups by acquiring 32 AI startups leaving behind Google at No-2 and Meta at No-3 . By acquiring the Canadian based Startup DarwinAI , Apple has taken that count to 33. While Apple or DarwinAI haven’t announced this deal, several members of the startup’s team joined Apple’s machine learning teams in January, as per their LinkedIn profiles and are already working in Apple AI team.

Count of startups acquired By apple in 2023,adding DarwinAI

How will DarwinAI help Apple win the AI race?

By the launch of Samsung Galaxy S24 series in early 2024, the world saw the era of integration of AI in smartphones from generating wallpapers to Image editing ,AI was used everywhere .But do you think “Apple” , Samsung’s biggest rival will leave this AI race and accept its defeat. Defenitely Not and that’s the reason Apple is on a spree to acquire AI companies .

As discussed earlier Darwin will help Apple in increasing the efficiency of its Manufacturing units but DarwinAI’s role is not gonna end here .Darwin also specializes in techniques to make AI models smaller and faster.These techniques are gonna help Apple as Apple is planning to integrate its AI services in its iOS 18 this year and add on device Generative AI features. In February only Tim Cook  the CEO of Apple had announced their plans to introduce on device generative AI features this year.


Apple is investing heavily to bring its AI services on board and the acquisition of Darwin shows the commitment of Apple towards this .After acquisition of DarwinAI we can expect some really cool on device generative AI features to come in iOS 8 which is expected to come this year.

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