World’s most efficient mobile processor might surprise you, it’s not Qualcomm snapdragon

worlds's most efficient mobile processor: mediatek dimensity 9000

World’s most efficient mobile processor might surprise you, it’s not Qualcomm snapdragon .

As the chipset giants like MediaTek, Qualcomm (Snapdragon), Samsung (Exynos), and Google Tensor are fighting for supremacy in the mobile processor world, there’s another pivotal battlefront – the quest for ultimate power efficiency. Because let’s face it, while blistering speeds and performance matter, users also crave extended battery life and cool, thermally-efficient operation from their smartphones.

If you are a nerd in the world of mobiles and chipsets you would must have heard of the fact that the newer chipsets are getting heated too quickly. Even the latest Apple’s Bionic chipset used in the latest iPhone series is being criticised for getting warm too quickly. Also when Qualcomm had released it’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 , it was also hugely criticized for heating up too quickly. It somewhere refers to the fact that these chipset makers are focused too much on the raw power of chipset , somewhere sidelining the efficiency of processors. This reduced efficiency ultimately affects the raw power also , as the software has to throttle the application to reduce the heat produced by the chipset thus making the user experience even worse.

The most efficient mobile processor in the world .

Let me tell you , for your surprise its neither snapdragon nor Samsung , its Mediatek Dimensity 9000. Yes MediaTek Dimensity 9000 is the world’s most power efficient processor. Mediatek 9000 got a score of 24.5 and energy efficiency score of 2.5 in a test conducted by Burn Out benchmarks. And Just below the Mediatek Dimensity 9000 is Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G , it got a score of 2 in energy efficiency and the biggest surprise even for me was that Google Tensor chipset got the 3rd rank in energy efficiency with a score of 1.9 . It should be noted that this test for the world’s most efficient mobile processor was done with keeping in mind about the energy efficiency while keeping the CPU Raw power at the second.  Wanna get more surprised , get ready in the next spots were two processor from Huwaei Kirin and one from Qualcomm , to be precise Qualcomm Snapdragon 860.

Even in top 10 Mediatek was dominating. I am also attaching the list of results obtained in the Burn Out Benchmarks. You can also see the whole graph by clicking here .

world's most efficient mobile processor : mediatek dimensity 9000


From the data obtained from the results , we can confirm that Mediatek has done really good tasks in terms of Power efficiency and CPU Raw performance. There was a time when Mediatek could not even come closer to Snapdragon and today is a time when it has beaten Qualcomm atleast in power efficiency and has reduced even the Raw power gap with its latest Dimensity Processors . Must tell us in comments on which Brand’s processor is your device running. Till then Bye-Bye and keep WireUnwiring. If you wanna discuss us on these likely topics , do join our WhatsApp channel.

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