Threads is growing steadily , Should Elon’s X be concerned ?

threads is growing , should elon be concerned ?

Social media, once a place to connect and hang out, has slowly turned out to be a soft power that has the capability to influence the minds of millions. And in this race to gain soft power, we have two of the greatest minds of our time: “Elon Musk ” and “Mark Zuckerberg “.

No one can forget the Elon and Twitter $ 44 billion deal. Just one year after the acquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk , Mark launched his own text based social media platform to rival Elon backed “X”. The first seven days of Threads were quite awesome , but slowly the growth fainted, and almost everyone believed that Elon Musk had defeated Mark Zuckerberg. But according to recent data uploaded by Threads, this has raised concerns for X (formerly Twitter).

In this article, we will try to discuss the topic “Threads is growing steadily and Should Elon’s X be concerned?”.

What is Threads, and How Has It Grown Since Its Inception?

Threads, a text-based social media platform developed by Meta’s Instagram team, was launched on July 5, 2023. The app offers a space for sharing posts up to 500 characters long, along with links, photos, and videos of up to five minutes. Threads quickly gained traction, registering 10 million sign-ups within the first seven hours of its debut. And it was the first company to achieve this landmark.

But the golden time for Threads fainted too rapidly , as it was not able to retain its users as users were not able to find a differentiating factor from X. But the recent data shared by Mark has raised eyebrows among its competitors. .

According to the details released, by April 2024, the platform had surpassed 150 million monthly active users, and by its first anniversary, it boasted over 175 million monthly active users​ (PYMNTS.com)​​ (MobileSyrup)​.

How is Threads trying to distinguish itself from X ?

Threads has integrated several unique features that is helping them to attract new users as well as differentiate them from Twitter. These include:

  • Seamless Integration with Instagram: Users can follow and connect with their Instagram friends and creators, enhancing user engagement through familiar connections.
  • Pinned Columns Feature: Introduced in May 2024, this feature allows users to pin up to 100 feeds to their homepage, making it easier to access preferred content and interactions​ (PYMNTS.com)​.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Threads emphasizes a positive and creative space for text-based expression, aligning with Instagram’s visual-first approach but focused on textual content​ (MobileSyrup)​.
  • Cross App support : Meta is working on adding cross app support , i.e by just posting on instagram , you will be able to post on the partner platforms i.e WhatsApp , Threads and Facebook.

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How Has Threads’ Growth Impacted Twitter’s User Base and Engagement?

Initial days threads’ rapid growth had significantly impacted X (formerly Twitter), particularly in user engagement and market share. With Threads capturing a substantial portion of Twitter’s user base, Twitter faced challenges in retaining its active users. But slowly, users came back to X.

But again, slowly Many users are migrating to Threads, attracted by its seamless Instagram integration and user-friendly features. According to data published by these text based social media giants , X has 550 million active monthly users, while Threads has 150 million active monthly users, which is increasing daily.

According to exploding topics , Threads has gained 30 million active users from March 2024 to May 2024, while X has also gained some million users, but that number is less than that of Threads.

Threads launched its app in the Eurpean Union in December 2023, due to which it is seeing a huge outburst of users in 2024.

What Strategies Has Twitter Implemented to Counter Threads’ Growth?

In response to Threads’ rise, Twitter has implemented several strategies:

  • Feature Enhancements: Twitter has focused on enhancing existing features and introducing new ones to retain user interest. This includes improving the algorithm for better content discovery and engagement.
  • Partnerships and Collaborations: Twitter has partnered with various brands and influencers to create exclusive content and drive user engagement.
  • Marketing Campaigns: Aggressive marketing campaigns have been launched to highlight Twitter’s unique value propositions and retain its user base​ (PYMNTS.com)​​ (MobileSyrup)​.
  • Monetisation : While Threads content creator programme is still on an invite basis , X gives every user a chance to become a creator on their platform and earn money by just subscribing to their premium plan.

What Could Be the Long-Term Implications for Both Platforms if Threads Continues to Grow at Its Current Pace?

If Threads maintains its current growth trajectory, the long-term implications for both platforms could be significant:

  • Increased Competition: Twitter will face heightened competition, necessitating continuous innovation and user engagement strategies.
  • Market Diversification: Threads’ success might encourage Meta to further diversify its social media offerings, potentially creating more niche platforms tailored to specific user interests.
  • User Experience Focus: Both platforms will likely focus more on enhancing user experience and engagement, leading to better features and services for users.
  • Advertising and Revenue Models: With a growing user base, Threads could attract more advertisers, potentially impacting Twitter’s advertising revenue and necessitating new monetization strategies​ (PYMNTS.com)​​ (MobileSyrup)​.


Threads’ impressive growth within its first year has undoubtedly challenged Twitter, pushing both platforms towards innovation and improved user engagement. As the social media landscape continues to evolve, users can expect enhanced features and a more competitive environment, ultimately benefiting their online experience.

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