Morgan Stanley Interview Experience 2024

Morgan Stanley Interview Experience

In this article a detailed interview experience of Morgan Stanley has been shared by a selected candidate.

Company :Morgan Stanley

Oppurtunity :Off Campus

Status :Selected

Keep practicing DSA regularly. - Leetcode, codeforces contest help a lot

Morgan Stanley Interview Experience

I submitted my application through the company’s careers page without a referral, and after patiently waiting for two months, I received an email from the recruiter informing me that I had successfully moved on to the first round of the selection process. The email not only outlined the hiring process but also provided details about the internship’s start dates.

The initial phase of resume shortlisting occurred right after applying through the portal. While having a referral could potentially expedite the shortlisting process, many of my friends, including myself, were shortlisted without one. Factors that seemed to influence the shortlisting decision included previous internships, a strong academic record (represented by a good CGPA), and notable achievements in coding competitions and hackathons.

The overall selection process consisted of three rounds:

  1. Online Assesment
  2. Recruiter Screening
  3. Interview Rounds

So,let’s go to every round one by one

  1. Online Assessment (OA): The OA comprised three sections, each with a specific time limit. It included 15 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) covering topics like Quant and Probability, 5 debugging questions, and 3 coding questions of medium to hard difficulty. The total time allocated for the OA was 2 hours. Successfully completing all coding questions and achieving a 90% accuracy rate in MCQs and debugging questions could lead to an interview invitation.

  2. Recruiter Screening: Approximately 3-4 weeks after the OA, I received a call from the recruiter, confirming my selection for interviews. During this call, the recruiter inquired about the possibility of a 6-month internship at my college, as well as any other offers I might have. Subsequently, interviews were scheduled.

  3. Interview Rounds: The interview process consisted of two rounds – a Technical Interview Round and a Hiring Manager Round.

    • Technical Interview Round: Typically lasting 45-60 minutes, this round delved into Computer Science fundamentals, including Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), Operating Systems, and Database Management Systems (DBMS). I faced questions about ACID properties, paging, thrashing, and normalization, among others. The interviewer also posed three coding questions, covering topics such as Pre-order Traversal (both iterative and recursive) and finding a subarray with a given sum.

    • Hiring Manager Round: This round, lasting 25-30 minutes, focused on behavioral questions and included a few system design inquiries. I was asked about experiences such as leading a group, values alignment with Morgan Stanley, and addressing scenarios related to booking the same tickets on BookMyShow. The discussion also touched upon hackathon and coding achievements, internship experiences, and preferences and dislikes regarding corporate environments. I, in turn, had the opportunity to pose questions about the company’s values and practices.

After a patient wait of 5-6 weeks, I received the gratifying news that I had successfully secured the internship position at Morgan Stanley.

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