Apple on device AI implementation will be completely different from Samsung On Device AI , Here is how

Apple on Device AI is gonna faster and more privacy focused

Apple on device AI implementation will be completely different from Samsung On Device AI , Here is How

Lots of news have surfaced online that Apple is coming up with its Apple On device AI capabilities with its IOs 18 . Previously there were leaks and rumors that Apple has teamed up with Google for its Apple On Device AI implementation, just like Samsung did for its Samsung On Device AI features on its S24 series . These rumors had surfaced online after Tim Cook was seen with Google CEO Sundar Pichai. According to Mark Gurman from 9 to 5 Mac Apple is going to use it self developed LLM (Apple on device LLM) for its Apple on device AI features. News reports suggest that Apple On Device AI implementations will be completely different when compared to how Samsung implemented its On Device AI features.

Before trying to understand how Apple on device AI implementation will be different from Samsung On device AI , let us try to see how Samsung has implemented its On device AI features.

Samsung On Device AI Vs Apple On Device AI Implementation

Being a Samsung S24 Ultra user , nobody can tell you more about Samsung On Device AI features than me . Samsung offers a bouquet of AI features on its Samsung S24 series in partnership with Google on device LLM. Samsung has implemented Google Nano 1 (Google On Device LLM) for its on device AI features and also Samsung is working in collaboration with Google on Google next generation On device LLM Google Gemini nano 2 for its Samsung S25 series., if you want to know more about this , you can read our detailed coverage.

If you see the AI features on S Series Smartphones you will find that some features are completely on device that is they can even run when your device is in offline mode while some only work when you are connected to internet like video editing features, photo editing features , samsung circle to search etc.

Let me Describe it to you how I enjoy Samsung On Device AI features(offline modes only).

My experience with Samsung On Device AI features

  • Magic Compose in Messages: Drafting emails and texts has become a breeze! Magic Compose allows me to quickly craft messages in different styles, saving me time and effort.
  • Smarter Summaries: Summarising lectures and meetings is a breeze with Google Gemini Nano 1. It captures key points, allowing me to revisit them quickly. Studying and catching up on missed presentations has never been easier.
  • Privacy Perks: Since everything is processed on-device, I don’t have to worry about my data being uploaded to the cloud. It feels secure and private.

There’s always room for improvement, and occasional stumbles occur with Magic Compose, especially with complex sentences. However, it’s a powerful tool that’s constantly learning. The on-device processing can sometimes feel a tad slower, but the trade-off for privacy is worth it for me.

So , as Discussed Samsung uses both local LLM as well as server based processing for its Samsung AI capabilities , so some features work like breeze while some take some time for implementation. But Apple has took a different path for Its On Device Ai Implementations.

How Apple is planning to Implement its On Device AI features?

Apple has gone towards completely offline based processing for its on Device AI features, i.e Apple wants that all of their AI features should run locally on their device only that is you don’t need an active internet connection for your AI features to work.

So , you can expect features not as much as Samsung provides on its S Series but yes you can expect plenty of them like Magic Message composition, Web Pages Summary Generator, Offline Voice Assistant Support and above all Privacy features and since they will all run locally on your phone , for sure they will be faster when compared to Samsung On Device AI speed.

And Since Apple is known for its privacy , for sure Apple is gonna market their Apple On device AI as privacy focused AI. It will be pretty interesting to see how Apple markets it.

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